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Emerging Venture Capitalists Association (EVCA)

With a global network of over 1,350 members from 500+ venture firms, EVCA stands as a significant force in the venture capital community. Known for its comprehensive industry research, influential summits, and community-building events, EVCA has become a hub for emerging venture capitalists.
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Our mission is to empower the next generation of VCs who have a role in supporting companies that will fuel the economy of tomorrow.

We believe in the power of collaboration to elevate the careers of emerging venture capitalists. We are committed to building a community that supports each other's growth, shares knowledge, and actively engages in driving progressive changes within the industry for the greater good.

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Exclusive Community

Become part of a highly-curated network of investors, to connect with like-minded peers who are shaping the future of venture capital.
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Programs & Initiatives

We're dedicated to supporting your venture career
EVCA Workshop Series
Gain insights and tactical knowledge through our educational workshops
Cohort Program
Join a small group for candid, career-related conversations
GP Mentorship Program
Connect with world-class General Partners for one-on-one mentorship
Angel Investing
Explore angel investment opportunities with your peers
LP Community
Connect with our LP community, comprised of investors at FoFs, pension funds, endowments, and family offices
Annual Emerging VC Summit
Engage with other VCs for networking and group discussions
EVC List
Become a part of our curated list of the top rising stars in VC
Compensation Reports
Access EVCA’s reports to stay up-to-date on industry compensation
Community Events
Participate in virtual and in-person events held by our geographic and industry-focused communities

Activities & Networking

Participate in a variety of activities, from skiing and snowboarding to book clubs and virtual coffee chats. Engage in both in-person and virtual events tailored to your interests and geographic location.

Dynamic Resources

Get access to a variety of resources including:
Board of Directors and Management Team
Engage with our leadership to rapidly scale your professional network
Virtual Community
Join our Slack community to network with your peers and our partners.
Geographic and Industry-Focused Communities
Network with VCs across 13 geographic locations and 21 different industry-focuses through dedicated communities led by experienced investors
Thought Leadership
Explore opportunities to showcase your expertise and access a variety of VC resources to enhance your professional skills
Warm Intros
Seek introductions to advisors, operators, and potential partners
Community Building
Build your own sub-community within EVCA to gather like-minded venture investors
Deal Flow
Leverage our extensive network of industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs to effectively source and evaluate high-quality investment opportunities.

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